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@cketti cketti Update links to changelogs 33053ac
@untitaker untitaker Updated Works with K 9 (markdown) 0562046
@cketti cketti Update code style document 90cd8d0
@cketti cketti Remove link to now deleted TestingK9 wiki page 4383c74
@cketti cketti Destroyed TestingK9 (markdown) f859e7e
@cketti cketti Replace section about compiling K-9 with link to the BuildingK9 wiki page ef119a2
@cketti cketti Update build instructions for Gradle 00b9937
@corbolais corbolais typo 6ed5970
@corbolais corbolais add link to gradlew 0bff894
@corbolais corbolais add building using gradle wrapper 5f1aa83
@jberkel jberkel add SMS Backup+ 840e821
@cketti cketti Fix typo aab0332
@cketti cketti Add page for beta testers edf71d6
@zjw zjw Updated LoggingErrors (markdown) f89ec5e
@cketti cketti Update links to release notes/change logs 279ad3d
@zjw zjw Use an internal reference link instead of relative URL 3a47299
@zjw zjw Updated LoggingErrors (markdown) 15872d2
@zjw zjw Remove WiFi references (CyanogenMod specific) 775d575
@zjw zjw f29b453
@zjw zjw Updated BuildingK9 (markdown) fb06a42
@justdave justdave Remove ActionBarSherlock from the list of projects to import since it's no longer used 4a9db3c
@cedeel cedeel Where - were 1352f05
@krichter722 krichter722 added hint that push requires multiple connections to the IMAP server which might cause trouble 7e14dd1
@chiaramail chiaramail Updated BasedOnK9 (markdown) d5e9f3e
@cketti cketti Remove information about Google Code download section 41d5828
@zjw zjw Updated BuildingK9 (markdown) cb90d2f
@zjw zjw Updated BuildingK9 (markdown) c291a42
@approximate approximate Added Apex Notifier fda1911
@Jurgster Jurgster Updated gmail (markdown) 0cfd04f
@Jurgster Jurgster Updated gmail (markdown) 09ea9a9
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