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K-9 Mail User Manual

This repository is the home of the user documentation for K-9 Mail. Contributions are welcome.

Uses mkdocs to generate static HTML.

Changes to the main and stable branch are automatically published to the website using GitHub Actions.

The main branch contains the documentation for the current beta version.

The stable branch contains the documentation for the current stable version and is displayed by default when the site is accessed via

Installing dependencies

Best is using a virtual environment to avoid conflicts with other Python projects:

python -m venv venv

Activate the virtual environment. You need to do this every time you want to build the site:

source virtual_env/bin/activate

Install the dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After you are done, deactivate the virtual environment:


Building the Site

To preview local changes, run

mkdocs serve --config-file config/en/mkdocs.yml

then visit

Creating Screenshots

We automated the creation of screenshots. The tools and a short explanation can be found in the user-manual directory of the K-9 Mail app repository.