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// MWConnectionController.h
// MWKit
// Created by Kai Aras on 9/22/11.
// Copyright 2011 010dev. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
This class is abstract
see available subclasses:
- MWBluetoothController ( for use with IOBluetooth on OSX )
- MWSerialPortController ( for use with a regular serial port on OSX )
- MWBTStackController ( for use with RFCom via libBTStack on jailbroken iOS devices )
- MWCoreBluetoothController ( for use with BT4.0/BLE on OSX and iOS )
@interface MWConnectionController : NSObject
@property (assign) id delegate;
-(void)tx:(unsigned char)cmd options:(unsigned char)options data:(unsigned char*)inputData len:(unsigned char)len;
@protocol MWConnectionControllerDelegate <NSObject>
-(void)connectionControllerDidCloseChannel:(MWConnectionController*)controller withError:(NSError*)error;
-(void)connectionController:(MWConnectionController*)controller didReceiveData:(NSData*)data;
-(void)connectionController:(MWConnectionController*)controller didFailWithError:(NSError*)error;
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