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TBE UI redesign spike

This code was created to showcase the use of QML to make a new, rich UI for the open source physics puzzle game "The Butterfly Effect" . It is prototype code, meant to express and validate concepts. Integrating into the existing TBE project will probably take significant time.

The goals of this "spike":

  • prototype a new, simpler UI
    • using concepts closer to 'Powerpoint' and 'Inkscape'
    • less clicking, more intuitive
  • validate ease-of-use with a few users
  • learn how to use QT's QML
    • learn all about the new declarative approach
    • figure out the minimum Qt version needed
    • learn how to integrate C++ code and QML
    • use as little Javascript as possible
    • learn what's missing in QML and needs to be written in C++
      • undo/redo
      • collision detection
      • coordinate conversions
    • integrate QQuickView into Qt's standard MainWindow layout
    • scale with size of window
    • coordinate conversions
      • introduce DPI singleton that communicates with view
      • enhance Position class
    • conditionals: only show horizontal arrows when hor resizing is allowed
  • collision detection, and how to visualize issues with that
    • collisions with the borders of the view
    • collisions with other objects (note that moves of objects are not taken into account yet)
  • undo/redo
    • should take care of updating the AO and VI for move/resize/rotate

I'll leave it up to you to judge if the above succeeded.

Note that there's another architecture spike, , showcasing the new toolbox and how we want to improve gameplay in the toolbox.

Still to be implemented:

  • delete undo
  • polymorphism
    • butterfly, colamintbottle and penguin require animations
    • postit requires different clicking behavior
    • detonatorbox has a handle that needs to be addressed
  • tooltips
  • segfault when exiting with something selected

kaa-ching, a.k.a. Klaas van Gend


Architecture spike to test Qt5's QML opportunities to design a great TBE UI







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