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Broken twitter links for @miksago @renedudfield

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kaalita committed Sep 28, 2011
1 parent 583f483 commit 2310ab5fee20d5704459aba6d9967f2beea53d9b
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@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ <h3>Closures, this, call and apply &mdash; an attempt at an explanation</h3>
<div class="speaker-info" id="rene">
<img src="img/speaker/rene_dudfield.png?v=1" alt="Rene Dudfield"/>
<h5>Rene Dudfield</h5>
- <a class="twitter" href="http:/">@renedudfield</a>
+ <a class="twitter" href="">@renedudfield</a>
<a class="web" href=""></a>
<a class="git" href="" title="Rene Dudfield on bitbucket">Watch his code</a>
@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ <h3>Server side jquery</h3>
<div class="speaker-info" id="micheil">
<img src="img/speaker/micheil_smith.jpg?v=1" alt="Micheil Smith"/>
<h5>Micheil Smith</h5>
- <a class="twitter" href="http:/">@miksago</a>
+ <a class="twitter" href="">@miksago</a>
<a class="web" href=""></a>
<a class="git" href="" title="Micheil Smith on Github">Watch his code</a>

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