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Kaa RFCs

Kaa RFCs define integration protocols, APIs, and general designs for the Kaa IoT platform.

RFCs can be in raw, draft, stable, deprecated, or retired status.

Shortname Name Status
1/KP Kaa Protocol Draft
2/DCP Data Collection Protocol Draft
3/ISM Inter-Service Messaging Draft
4/ESP Extension Service Protocol Draft
5/CMX Configuration Management Extension Protocol Deleted
6/CDTP Configuration Data Transport Protocol Draft
7/CMP Configuration Management Protocol Draft
8/KPSR KP Security Recommendations Raw
9/ELCE Endpoint Lifecycle and Connectivity Events Draft
10/EPMP Endpoint Metadata Protocol Draft
11/CEP Command Execution Protocol Raw
12/CIP Command Invocation Protocol Raw
13/DSTP Data Samples Transmission Protocol Draft
14/TSTP Time Series Transmission Protocol Draft
15/EME Endpoint Metadata Events Draft
16/ECAP Endpoint and Client Authentication Protocol Draft
17/SCMP Service Configuration Management Protocol Draft
18/EFE Endpoint Filter Events Draft
19/EPMMP Endpoint Metadata Management Protocol Raw
20/EFMP Endpoint Filter Management Protocol Raw
21/TLE Tenant Lifecycle Events Draft
22/CAP Client Authentication Protocol Raw
23/AIP Automation Invocation Protocol Raw
24/EPRMP Endpoint Relations Management Protocol Raw
25/AMP Alert Management Protocol Raw
26/ARMP Asset and Relation Management Protocol Raw

Change process

Kaa RFCs are developed in compliance with the C4 and COSS specifications. Please refer to these specifications whenever you have difficulty understanding the process, the usage of specific terms, etc.