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Kubernetes security notes and best practices
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Kubernetes security

This repo is a collection of kubernetes security stuff and research.

The research was conducted during Summ3r 0f h4ck traineeship.


  • Security notes

    In-depth research about security of kubernetes features and misconfigurations. Source for all documents below

  • Security hardening and best practices

    A "must do"/best practices list of things to make attacker's life hard

  • Security flags checklist

    A checklist of flags to quickly test if your cluster has security features enabled.

  • Attacker's guide

    A guide for attacker: what to do if he gets to pod/cluster.

    Also, some attacks included

  • Vulnerabilities

    Page with sources for security announces and previous vulnerabilities


  • k8numerator

    Script for enumerating services in kubernetes cluster. Common services dictionary provided.



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