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WeeChat script to view, add, and remove DroneBL listings.
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WeeChat DroneBL Script

View, add, and remove listings on DroneBL with within WeeChat. An RPC key is required (get one here).

The code is in need of some rewriting. I coughed this up in a about half an hour one afternoon and haven't really touched it since then. It works for me.

That said, there are some problems. If is down (which is often), the script will block for about 30 seconds while it waits for a connection timeout. If I ever get around to rewriting this in a more Rubyist, OOP style, I'll fix that.


  • Move RPC key to a WeeChat setting.
  • Fix long blocking time.
  • Stick things in objects to simplify code.
  • Clean up hackish code.
  • Look-ups on /whois where a real IP is available (maybe).
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