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Yii Project Template with Bootstrap layouts and Bootswatch color skins.
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Yii App v.2.0.0

By Spiros Kabasakalis


Yii Project Template with Bootstrap layouts and Bootswatch color skins.

Live Demo

Features (so far)

Set it up

  • Clone the git repo ```git clone git://`` - or download it
  • Specify your local development domain in index.php,(constant LOCAL_DOMAIN) so that the configuration file can differentiate between local and production environment.For example,you can fill in database info for both environments and the script will figure it out,assuming your virtual host does'nt have the same domain name as your real host.
  • Hook up your Yii framework path in index.php,(both local and live on server).
  • Fill in database info in config/main.php and config/console.php.(both local and live on server).
  • Fill in your recaptcha private and public keys in config/main.php,if you want to use recaptcha.
  • Fill in myEmail and gmail_password parameters in config/main.php in order to use Gmail SMPT server for email.To set up your localhost (in my case XAMPP stack) to send emails with Gmail SMPT Server,(for testing purposes), see this article.
  • Run the migration in migrations folder,or use the sql dump in data folder to create the user table and a couple of test users. (Manually set the status active (1) and remove the activation_key entry for test users.)

Changing theme,layout and color skin.

  • By default the app uses Bootstrap v.3.0.0,if you want to use v.2.3.2 (you may want to use 2.3.2 if you also use Yiistrap/YiiWheels),you must set 'theme'=>'bootstrap2 in config\main.php.
  • Set the layout at the application level in config\main.php, 'layout' => '[LAYOUT]',
  • Available layouts for Bootstrap v2.3.2 :starter,hero,fluid,carousel,justified-nav,marketing-narrow.
  • Available layouts for Bootstrap v3.0.0 :starter-template,offcanvas,carousel,justified-nav,jumbotron,jumbotron-narrow.
  • In config\main.php,in params array fill in 'bootswatch2_skin'=>'[SKIN NAME]' if you use Bootstrap v2.3.2 or'bootswatch3_skin'=>'[SKIN NAME]' if you use v3.0.0.
  • Available values for bootswatch2_skin: none (default bootstrap colors),amelia,cerulean,cosmo,cyborg,flatly,journal,readable,simplex,slate,spacelab,spruce,superhero,united.
  • Available values for bootswatch3_skin: none (default bootstrap colors),amelia,cerulean,cosmo,cyborg,flatly,journal,readable,simplex,slate,spacelab,united.
  • In config\main.php,in params array,set 'render_switch_form'=>true if you want to render a form for changing layouts and skins.(For Bootstrap v3.0.0 only).


YiiApp is released under the WTFPL license.This means that you can literally do whatever you want with this software.


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