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This Repo is for the Dallas React User Group talk on 8/13/2019.

The goal is to talk about getting started with GQL and Apollo

Let's GraphQL

This workshop will get you up and running with a small app that uses GraphQL. For this app, we will be using the Countries API ( Visit that URL to visit the Countries API's GraphQL playground. In the playground, you can explore the schema.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run an install
  3. Create a countries query that gets the following:
    • code
    • name
    • languages (name and native)
    • currency
    • emoji
  4. Set up a Query component
  5. Set up error and loading states
  6. Pass data into CountriesDisplay component to render countries data


This repo already has the necessary dependencies as part of the packages.json. Just run npm install or yarn install while in the gql_workshop folder and your dependencies should install. That said, if you want to start from scratch, you will need the following dependencies: apollo-cache-inmemory apollo-client apollo-link-http graphql graphql-anywhere graphql-tag qs react-apollo

  • Note: These dependencies are required for this specific project. As you venture out on other GraphQL projects, your dependencies will vary depending on your needs.
  • To use the "freshly out of beta" graphql-hooks from Apollo, you will want to install @apollo/react-hooks

Additional Resources

Official GraphQL Docs:

Apollo GraphQL Docs:

How To GraphQL:

Learning GraphQL (book):

Popular GraphQL APIs:

Apollo Client Dev Tools (Chrome extension):

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