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Personal finance for savings extremists and early retirement savants.

Track your financial progress and get useful detailed analytics. Know at a glance how many working days you have left before retirement.

How to contribute

Step 1: Install cpanm

cpanm allows you to install Perl modules from CPAN.

There are Debian packages, RPMs, FreeBSD ports, and packages for other operation systems available. Or you can do this:

curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus

Step 2: Install Carton

Carton is a Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl).

cpanm Carton

Step 3: Install SQLite3

SQLite3 is a simple database. Recommended to install via system packages.

Step 4: Setup the website

git clone
cd Networthify
cat schema.sql | sqlite3
carton exec plackup

In your browser go to: http://localhost:5000