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vim-ribbon is a Vim plugin that helps you read through the latest changes to a git repository. This plugin requires Fugitive.

How to use it

First mark your place with


This will place a tag named __ribbon at origin/master. Basically you are bookmarking our current spot with a ribbon.

Next, use Fugitive to pull down the latest changes made by your fellow conspirators from the remote repository.

:Git pull

To review those changes use the following command:


This will open a window titled 'Ribbon' that looks like this:

Eric Johnson 6 weeks ago ecf43db
Css tweaks.

Eric Johnson 5 weeks ago 9595fa0
fix css margin class.

Eric Johnson 4 weeks ago 5ef0fb2
Added daysPerYear.

You can view the side by side diff of any modified file by putting your cursor on that line and typing d (for diff). To exit out of the diff and return to the 'Ribbon' window, type q.

Finally, after you have reviewed all the changes, mark your place again with:


Bonus tips

The default colors used in vimdiff look like they were created by crazy clowns. You might like my colorscheme instead:

⚡ mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors/
⚡ wget -O ~/tmp/iijo.vim
⚡ echo "colorscheme iijo" >> ~/.vimrc

How to use vimdiff:

  • To switch windows type ctl-w l and ctl-w h. For more help see :help window-move-cursor.
  • To open and close folds type zo and zo. For more help see :help fold-commands.

See also

This script was inspired by

I also wrote git-ribbon, a little Perl script that does pretty much the same thing but from the commandline.

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