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This API scrapes credit card websites to pull down the monthly rewards and return them as a json object. Uses: Python, Selenium, Falcon, Gunicorn, Venv
Python PLpgSQL
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Credit Card Rewards Scraper API

This api scrapes credit card websites to pull down the monthly rewards and return them as a json object.

Technologies Used

This project uses

  • Selenium: for web scraping (grab the text from websites)
  • Falcon: the lightest weight python api framework I could find
  • Venv: linux virtual environment to maintain easily deployable container
  • Gunicorn: run the falcon api locally
  • Sqlite: storing the categories

How to use should be ran every week with a cronjob to update the sqlite database (this gives us a faster response because it prevents the selenium test from running on each request as the test takes a few seconds to complete).

Run python app on webserver, then make a get request to /rewards


    [1, "Discover", "it", "Grocery Stores"],
    [2, "Citi", "Simplicity", "Home Furnishing Stores"]

App Requirements

I've saved the dependencies to requirements.txt, so quickly install all python requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt

Developed using the following versions:

  • Python: 3.6
  • Pip: 10.0.1
  • Firefox: 60.0.2
  • Gunicorn: 19.8.1
  • Sqlite: 3

Install guide

$ apt-get install virtualenv
$ git clone
$ cd API-CreditCardRewardsScraper/falcon_api
$ virtualenv venv -p /user/bin/python3
$ . ven/bin/activate
(venv) $ apt-get install build-essentials python3-dev
(venv) $ pip install cython
(venv) $ pip install --no-binary :all: falcon
(venv) $ pip install gunicorn
(venv) $ gunicorn -b main:app 

Now the api should be running on localhost:8080!

Additional Info

Great write up on running falcon apps with gunicorn:

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