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Gearman server monitoring and worker management system
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Gearoscope is a gearman server monitoring and worker management system.

It provides both:

  • monitoring daemon for logging information about server nodes state, gearman server nodes, existing queues and running workers

  • convenient visual interface for managing server nodes, supervisor daemons and worker process across servers cluster

Gearoscope is designed with ideas of scalability in our minds.


View application demo

To enter admin panel, you can use this credentials:

user: gear
pass: scope

Pls, do not change many params, cause monitoring logger would not show interesting information for unknown host, unresolved sockets etc :)


See LICENSE.txt for more information


Prepate all necessary environments:

  • install and run gearman nodes on necessary servers

  • install supervisor daemons for workers handling

Install and run monitor daemon and visual interface for managing it:

wget -O gearoscope.tar.gz 
tar xvzf gearoscope.tar.gz
cd gearoscope
pip install -e ./

More information will be available soon.


  • custom unique field for gearman model

  • install section in documentation

  • do not repeat name in server string representation if host and name are the same

  • make inline proxy model for adding gearman node to server dynamically in server editing space

  • custom validation for host in server's model

  • help text for most fields in Worker Model

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