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Zero-configuration command-line async HTTP files server in Clojure. Like Python's SimpleHTTPServer but scalable.
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A simple zero-configuration command-line HTTP files server. Like Python's SimpleHTTPServer but scalable. Сan easily handle thousands of simultaneous connections.

Implemented in Clojure with Aleph and Netty. Mostly as an example. It's still skillful and handy tho'. There's even nothing wrong with putting it to production.


Run in the directory you want to serve:

clj -Sdeps '{:deps {nasus {:mvn/version "0.1.5"}}}' -m http.server

Or specify custom port:

clj -Sdeps '{:deps {nasus {:mvn/version "0.1.5"}}}' -m http.server 8001


  • Plain text & HTML directory listings based on "Accept" header
  • Automatic mime-type detection
  • Streaming and chunked encoding for large files
  • Keep-alive and slow requests handling
  • Transparent content compression (gzip, deflate)
  • Cache control and "Last-Modified"
  • CORS headers

In development:

  • Range queries support
  • List of files & directories to exclude from serving


  -p, --port <PORT>         8000     Port number
  -b, --bind <IP>   Address to bind to
      --dir <PATH>          ./       Directory to serve files
      --auth <USER[:PASSWORD]>       Basic auth
      --no-index                     Disable directory listings
      --no-cache                     Disable cache headers
      --no-compression               Disable deflate and gzip compression
      --follow-symlink               Enable symbolic links support
      --include-hidden               Process hidden files as normal
      --cors                         Support Acccess-Control-* headers, see --cors-* options for more fine-grained control
      --cors-origin                  Acccess-Control-Allow-Origin response header value
      --cors-methods                 Acccess-Control-Allow-Methods response header value
      --cors-allow-headers           Acccess-Control-Allow-Headers response header value
  -h, --help


Copyright © 2019 Nasus

Nasus is licensed under the MIT license, available at MIT and also in the LICENSE file.

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