A Chef Cookbook for deploying Thin + Nginx
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thin_nginx Cookbook

A super simple Thin and Nginx web and application service.
Why? I found opscode's nginx cookbook with passenger had some quirks. Thin is lightweight and faster than Passenger for simple web apps. I've always had great success running thin with nginx, so I figure someone else would want this too. This solution is super simple and doesn't require a lot of confusing parameters.



  • rvm - Sorry. but rvm is required because rvm_shell is needed to install Thin from gem


  • thin -v 1.6.1 - thin's version 1.6.1 is installed into your current rvm gemset. Solution didn't work correctly when installed to chef's embedded ruby. I haven't had the time to experiment installing thin directly from source. That would remove the constraint of RVM, but time wasn't on my side.


  • nginx - nginx is installed from apt package. This does not use the nginx cookbook from opscode.

supported OS

Only tested on Ubuntu 12.04.3



Key Type Description Default
['thin_nginx']['app_name'] String you must set your application name here. this is typically the folder name used when cloning a git repository such as /var/www/`jumpsquares`. "jumpsquares"
['thin_nginx']['www_dir'] String this is your directory used for serving up www. usually at /var/www "/var/www/"
['thin_nginx']['user'] String user that can access www files. usually www-data on Ubuntu/Debian "www-data"
['thin_nginx']['thin_version'] String version of thin to run. Currently tested against 1.6.1 "1.6.1"
['thin_nginx']['number_of_thins'] Integer number of thin servers that should run. each server comes up with a new sequential port 3
['thin_nginx']['worker_processes'] Integer nginx worker processes 5
['thin_nginx']['rails_env'] String Rails environment used for the thin server "production"
['thin_nginx']['ruby_version'] String Ruby version install for rvm_shell "ruby-2.1.2"
['thin_nginx']['ruby_path'] String Ruby path for rvm "/usr/local/rvm"
['thin_nginx']['ruby_source'] String Ruby source path for initiating console "/usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm"
['thin_nginx']['gemset'] String What gemset should we use? By default none is used so lets keep it that way. "default"



I haven't been able to successfully override an attribute with this cookbook from a different cookbook. Change the key attributes above to have this cookbook work successfully.

Before running this cookbook include the following:

  1. rvm::system - recipe will install ruby across the entire node. Everything works successfully with ruby-2.1.2.
  2. your application - run git clone on a git repository to the /var/www/ directory

Include thin_nginx in your node's run_list:

  "run_list": [


I am not a software developer by nature. Just a hack. Please contribute to make this better.

  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

License and Authors

Authors: Kendrick Coleman | @KendrickColeman

Licensed under Apache 2.0