a simple CRUD + REST skeleton for Express + Node + Mongo
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express-node-mongo-skeleton was made to have a simple skeleton for a completed Web App ready to go for demonstration purposes and learning how to build CRUD & REST operations into a Node.js Web App. This is the final example that is demonstrated in How to Create a Complete Express.js + Node.js + MongoDB CRUD and REST Skeleton


  • Perform a clone of this repo.
  • Make sure MongoDB is installed (brew install mongodb)
  • Create a MongoDB database named enmskeleton (use enmskeleton)
  • Install packages and start the express.js web service (npm install && npm start)
  • Navigate to to see the express.js welcome page

Usage Instructions

All of the MVC pieces are built, but are also rudimentary and not flashy. The root of our webapp goes to the express.js landing page, but there is a schema created for a new object called blobs. To access blobs, follow the route that is already in place by going to

Add a new blob by going to

After submitting, this will take you back to the index page where you can now Show or Edit or Delete that blob record from the UI

All of the REST pieces are baked in as well. You can test them using a multitude of different REST based tools.


Create a fork of the project into your own reposity. Make all your necessary changes and create a pull request with a description on what was added or removed and details explaining the changes in lines of code. If approved, project owners will merge it.


express-node-mongo-skeleton is freely distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details