IP-XACT packaging of Pulpino by pulp-platform.org: https://github.com/pulp-platform/pulpino
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An experimental repository containing IP-XACT packaging of PULPino RISC-V core by pulp-project.org: https://github.com/pulp-platform/pulpino

Based on PULPino release in August 2017


Update submodule pulpino:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Update all pulpino IPs, see README.md in pulpino for full instructions:

cd pulpino


Problems faced in the design in IP-XACT point of view:

  • top.sv, peripherals.sv: -- gpio_padcfg is 2-dimensional([6][32]) - Can't be used in bus definition == Left as ad-hoc port
  • axi_node_intf_wrap: -- a vector of buses -- declared explicitly -- requires a new wrapper == Defined staticly 3 different bus interfaces, removed extra wrapper
  • Riscv-core: -- N_EXT_PERF_COUNTERS = 0 => signal ext_perf_counters_i width is 0 -- Set signal width to 1, not connected
  • Zero-riscy-core: zeroriscy_cs_registers -- N_EXT_CNT = 0 => signal ext_counters_i width is 0 -- Set signal width to 1, not connected
  • ifdefs -- To be replaced with design configurations -- Omitting for now
  • generate loops replaced with static instances
  • hierarchical components with additional logic, usually muxes -- Split stray logic into new components located in directory rtl

New RTL components split from stray logic in hierarchical files:

  • axi_mem_if_DP_mem_mux (check)
  • axi_mem_if_SP_mem_mux (check)