A gem to add a DataMapper store to ruby-openid
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=DataMapper OpenID Store

(Ported from Dag Arneson's active_record_openid_store plugin)

A store is required by an OpenID server and optionally by the consumer
to store associations, nonces, and auth key information across
requests and processes.  If an application is distributed across several
machines, they must must all have access to the same OpenID store
data, so the FilesystemStore won't do.

This gem enables an app to use a database backed OpenID store
through DataMapper.


1) Install the gem:
  gem install meekish-openid_dm_store --source http://gems.github.com

2) Require it in your app

  require 'rubygems'
  require 'openid_dm_store'

3) Issue the commands (script/console, merb -i, etc.) to create the needed tables in your database:


4) Change your app to use the OpenIDDataMapper Store:

  store = OpenIDDataMapper::DataMapperStore.new
  consumer = OpenID::Consumer.new(session, store)

5) That's it! All your OpenID state will now be stored in the database.

==What about garbage collection? 

You may garbage collect unused nonces and expired associations using the cleanup 
instance method of OpenIDDataMapper::DataMapperStore.  


Throw that into a rake task and add it to your crontab and you're all set.


Contact Jed Hurt: jed dot hurt at gmail dot com