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  • 0.4.0
  • 969be63
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@aravindavk aravindavk released this Dec 31, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

Release highlights (CHANGELOG)

  • Enhancement to support Kadalu storage on top of existing PVC
  • Support for using external Gluster Volumes with K8s using Kadalu
  • Kadalu kubectl plugin(pip3 install kubectl-kadalu) is
    introduced. This plugin helps to define Kadalu storage without the
    hassle of YAML files.
  • Fixed hang issue while terminating the server pods.
  • Added sidecar container to capture logs from the mount processes
    in CSI pods.
  • kadalu-quotad is now available as pypi package to use with
    external Gluster Volumes.
  • Deploy attacher as a container in provisioner statefulset instead of
    deploying it as a pod
  • Added tests to cover different Volume types(Replica1 and Replica3). Each PV claim size in tests made different so that it can be easily debugged.


Deploy KaDalu Operator on an already running Kubernetes cluster using,

kube-master# kubectl create -f

Use kadalu-operator-openshift-0.4.0.yaml in case of Openshift.

oc-master# oc create -f

Add storage devices using the new kubectl plugin(pip3 install kubectl-kadalu)

kube-master# kubectl kadalu storage-add storage-pool-1 \
    --device kube1:/dev/vdc

Operator will start the storage export pods as required. And, in 2 steps, your storage system is up and running.

Check the status of Pods using,

kube-master# kubectl get pods -nkadalu
NAME                                READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
csi-nodeplugin-5hfms                3/3     Running   0          14m
csi-nodeplugin-924cc                3/3     Running   0          14m
csi-nodeplugin-cbjl9                3/3     Running   0          14m
csi-provisioner-0                   4/4     Running   0          14m
operator-577f569dc8-l2q6c           1/1     Running   0          15m
server-storage-pool-1-0-kube1-0     2/2     Running   0          11m

Run oc get pods -n kadalu in case of Openshift.

For more information, please visit Kadalu GitHub page.

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