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Fedora Unified Network Controller
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bindings/func-java Grails plugin is not technically a language binding, so we are going …
contrib Updated and func-find-resources script to look acro…
docs Add info about commandline options to the man page. Also add info abo…
etc Add support for forcing some long running methods to be called in asy…
examples Changing func/func/overlord/ to Overlord(). Client(…
func Create simple copyfile overlord module that is able to send big files.
funcweb remove that test we dont use it may write one in the future for contr…
init-scripts dont need these files anymore, all moved to certmaster
po Remove messages.pot from po dir, since its automatically generated
scripts Use overlod module to list_minions() instead of the hack in func-tran…
test some test cases for async db code ,some fuzzzying and weird argument …
website/new Update web stuff
.gitignore add funcweb/funcweb.egg-info to .gitignore
AUTHORS Adding Steve Salevan to AUTHORS.
LICENSE Misc. changes from the Fedora package review. Misc. changes from the Fedora package review.
Makefile fix up the code to generate the message catagalogs a bit.
README Bring our README up to speed
func.spec func.spec: remove requirement for pyyaml, add python-simplejson Add F-9 to the pusher script Correct merge error
version Merge branch 'ssalevan_delegation' Commit Luca's jboss module.


func - Fedora unified Network Controller

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