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SharpThemes is a wrapper for the website, to provide easy access for developers on a variety of platforms that allows them to avoid all of the intricacies of the website. This was created in lieu of any documentation of any API available for the website, simply looking through the JS files to see how everything worked.

The project has been designed to run on multiple platforms through the NET Framework, and is fully compatible in the following environments:

  • Windows
  • Mac (via Mono)
  • Linux (via Mono)
  • Android (via Xamarin)
  • iOS (via Xamarin)
  • Web (ASP.NET and Silverlight apps)

SharpThemes follows the versioning rules laid out by Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.


There is documentation available on the project wiki. The documentation is only guaranteed to be accurate as of the latest official release.


To include this library in your project, there are two super simple ways of doing it:

  • Download the latest release package straight from GitHub
  • Install via a NuGet package, either through the development environment of your choice or by manually obtaining the .nupkg file from here.


If you are interested in helping me develop SharpThemes, the best way to go about it is to clone the repository and work on it through your favourite IDE (Visual Studio, ReSharper, etc). Note that to be able to develop fully, you will need to be able to grab the dependencies for this library via NuGet.

Once you have made changes on your own fork of the repository, I will review and merge them.


If you have discovered an issue with SharpThemes, let me know! You can use the GitHub issue tracker to make a formal request. Be sure to be as detailed as possible, including the operating system / environment, what particular feature has broken, and what steps I need to take to reproduce these issues. If you do not provide this information, I will close the issue until you have provided the info.

You can also make feature requests through the issue tracker, I will label everything accordingly.


This library is dependant on ModernHttpClient and Newtonsoft.Json. The testing application is also dependant on Costura.Fody and Fody, however these packages can be removed and it will build as usual.


Here is a quick demonstration, you can find this project in the SharpThemesTesting folder.

Demo picture

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