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A Python interpreter for the Developers programming language
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pydevelopers - Developers interpreter in Python

A Python interpreter for the Developers programming language

Developers is a joke language that parodies an incident at a Microsoft Developer's conference where Steve Ballmer is supposed to have chanted the word developers at least 14 times in a row. It is basically Brainfuck with a few extensions. It appeared briefly in the Wikipedia in the beginning of 2006, but it has not reappeared anywhere since its deletion. [source]

Simply does Developers -> BF -> Python

Key BF Equiv C Equiv
Developers + ++*ptr;
Developers*2 - --*ptr;
Developers*3 > ++ptr;
Developers*4 < --ptr;
Developers*5 , *ptr=getchar():
Developers*6 . putchar(*ptr);
Developers*7 [ while (*ptr) {
Developers*8 ] }


python pydevelopers
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