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@mightybyte mightybyte released this Dec 5, 2019 · 0 commits to master since this release

This is the first public release of Kadena's Chainweaver wallet.

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Nov 29, 2019


Set name to RC-1
Aug 29, 2019
Fix blank screen issue for quarantined mac app
Some lazy IO (getting command line args) was being called from in
obelisk to set up the snap server. For some reason, this blocked
indefinitely if the app was launched with quarantine flags. We now set
the config directly and don't try to get command line args.

@mightybyte mightybyte released this Nov 22, 2019

Alpha prerelease version of the Kadena Chainweaver wallet. This version can be used on the Chainweb Testnet (see also the portal website) but it lacks important security features for keeping keys safe and therefore we have disabled performing transactions on mainnet.

SHA256 Hash:

ebdf8f9d9748ca7129eec57e3bf12870607843ac1c2318312b421ba74f1b4e8f  Kadena_Chainweaver_Testnet_Alpha_macOS.dmg
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Jul 18, 2019
Fix linux build

@eskimor eskimor released this Jul 2, 2019

Release 1.6.0

Logout support

There is now a new logout button to the upper right, it will appear
after you created your first Gist and allows for pact-web dropping the
auth token to Github. By logging out from Github manually, this also
allows switching of accounts.

Chainweb improvements

All available keys can now be used as a sender on Chainweb. The network
editor now also shows an overall network status, in addition to the
individual node status. It will show a yellow circle (warning), if your
nodes don't all belong to the same network.

Wallet improvements

  • Delete button is now a trash can and the button is border-less for
    decreased visual clutter.
  • Deleting a key now opens a confirmation dialog, to make sure you won't
    accidentally delete a key.
  • The copy buttons are now also icons without a border for decreased
    visual clutter.
  • The key import functionality has been moved to the table heading for
    improved visibility.

Editor improvements

The editor now also shows warnings that you would get by manually
running (typecheck 'moduleName).

Module Explorer improvements

The module explorer now differentiates between pacts, capabilities and
actual functions. It now only offers a "Call" button for actual

Pact upgrade

As usually Pact has been upgraded and is provided at the latest version,
which is 3.0.1.

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