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Releases: kadena-io/chainweaver

Chainweaver 2.2.3

27 Jan 15:42
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  • Add quicksign support based on KIP-0015 for desktop
  • Add better gas defaults for transfer/xchain operations
  • Fix bugs related to contract deployment simulations with /local
  • Fix slow/laggy module search in module explorer
  • Modernize pact sample-contracts in contract tab

SHA256 Hashes

f8d66de7d1c1ba305c62b945347f184744451dfa51483d77b58c149971b43ac0  kadena-chainweaver-linux-
c5ec70549fd80e53cef0b83574e8d979cea60e0f82ac4b977d547039c43486bc  kadena-chainweaver-vm.

Chainweaver 2.2.2

11 May 19:13
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  • Add TRANSFER_XCHAIN interface support
  • Fix MacOS build for BigSur/Monterrey
  • Added support for monitoring and transferring of 'fungibles'
  • Added SigBuilder workflow for summarizing and signing raw requests
  • Added Quicksign UI for summarizing and signing multiple requests
  • Pact bump to 4.3
  • Significatntly improved browser load-time
  • Minor bug fixes in various generic-transfer widgets
  • Gas payer validation widget
  • Prevent modals from closing when clicking on the backdrop

Chainweaver 2.2.1

17 Dec 20:32
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  • better k: account support
  • Copy buttons for accounts and keys
  • New default gas prices
  • Warnings when sending to legacy accounts


01 Nov 17:32
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  • Web chainweaver
  • Better support and checks for k: -style accounts


23 Sep 15:11
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This version includes a pact upgrade and a number of upgrades that increase usability of the transfer tool. Here are some of the new changes:

For a complete list of changes, see the 2.2.0 changelog:

  • Default to the gas station for cross chain transfers to non-existent and 0-balance accounts
  • Pact 4.0 support
  • Better support for decimal amounts in the transfer tool
  • Ship with a newer version of z3 (4.8.8) for improved formal verification capabilities
  • Improved error messages
  • Multiple ui bug fixes
  • Number of changes in preparation for Chainweaver-Web


049b8a2e61c5693bc38b10fcd41dcba2c7637f9f11a90be5e09e55640f6e719f  kadena-chainweaver-linux-
fbf5c176b8c8c683617aa569864285f20978f391153cd41e76ba5a9a580398b7  kadena-chainweaver-vm-

Chainweaver 2.1.1

09 Jul 14:30
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New release fixing the list of networks for new users.

For existing users, this release allows you to set your networks to use the new endpoints by going to Settings -> Network, and then clicking the "Restore Defaults" button.

Chainweaver 2.1

19 Apr 13:44
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  • Added safe transfer functionality
  • Misc bug fixes

Chainweaver 2.0

13 May 22:50
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This version features a greatly simplified transfer interface and a number of other improvements. See the changelog for more information:

Kadena Chainweaver Beta

05 Dec 22:18
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This is the first public release of Kadena's Chainweaver wallet.

Kadena Chainweaver Testnet Alpha

22 Nov 15:10
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Alpha prerelease version of the Kadena Chainweaver wallet. This version can be used on the Chainweb Testnet (see also the portal website) but it lacks important security features for keeping keys safe and therefore we have disabled performing transactions on mainnet.

SHA256 Hash:

ebdf8f9d9748ca7129eec57e3bf12870607843ac1c2318312b421ba74f1b4e8f  Kadena_Chainweaver_Testnet_Alpha_macOS.dmg