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;; ========================================================
;; 3.4-use-payments-module
;; ========================================================
;; use the payments module
(use payments)
;; --------------------END OF CHALLENGE -------------------
;create Sarah and James's payment account
(env-keys ["james"])
(expect-failure "Sarah's key does not exist" (create-account "Sarah" 0.0))
(create-account "James" 250.0)
(env-keys ["sarah"])
(create-account "Sarah" 100.25)
;; do payment, simluating SARAH keyset.
(pay "Sarah" "James" 25.0)
(env-keys ["james"])
;; do payment, simluating James's keyset.
(pay "James" "Sarah" 100.0)
;; read Balances as Admin
(env-keys ["admin"])
(expect "Sarah's balance is 75.25" 175.25 (get-balance "Sarah"))
(expect "James's balance is 275.0" 175.0 (get-balance "James"))