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;; ------------------------------------------------
;; 5.2-create-a-loan
;; ------------------------------------------------
;; define a function named create-a-loan that takes the parameters loanId, loanName, entityName, and loanAmount
(defun create-a-loan (loanId loanName entityName loanAmount)
;; insert data into loans-table using the loanId
(insert loans-table loanId {
;; insert "loanName" as value of loanName
;; insert "entityName" as value of entityName
;; insert "loanAmount" as value of loanAmount
;; insert "status" as value INITIATED
;; insert to loan inventory table with the parameters inventory-key, loanId, and entity name
(insert loan-inventory-table (inventory-key loanId entityName){
;; insert "balance" as value loanAmount
"balance": loanAmount