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@slpopejoy slpopejoy released this Jun 8, 2019 · 80 commits to master since this release


  • Check for module in stack when enforcing module guard
  • Output test failures on error
  • fix describe table output and meta pretty instance
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@slpopejoy slpopejoy released this Jun 8, 2019 · 87 commits to master since this release


  • Guards and capabilities, with full model-checking support
  • Scoped namespaces for modules and keysets
  • Adds module governance function
  • Migrate all runtime pact state to DB backend: modules, pacts, transaction ID management
  • Improved transaction non-malleability: signatories and chain version in payload
  • Adds SPV support with configurable backend
  • Multiple Cryptographic signature schemes: ED25519, ECDSA
  • Adds Table-based Gas model
  • Standardize on CommandResult in all API endpoints
  • CommandResult adds gas consumed, logs, and metadata fields
  • CommandResult's "result" field changed to output reliable, user-friendly Terms and errors.
  • Adds continuation proof field to ContMsg
  • Adds public metadata to Pact Command API
  • Format all hashes in Base64url
  • Adds typechecking for lists, yield, and resume
  • Typechecker and analysis support for partial schemas
  • Removes support for non-string keys in objects
  • Rejects decimal literals with too many digits
  • defpact can run in local mode
  • Disallow rollback on the last step of a pact
  • Replaces REPL's env-step and env-pactid with continue-pact and pact-state
  • Adds REPL functions chain-data and env-chain-data
  • Better compile and typecheck errors
  • Pretty printing
  • Working Windows build
  • Analysis:
    • Adds analysis for non-literal constants
    • Adds pact analysis tools developer guide
    • Adds analysis for pact-id, defpact, yield, and resume
    • Improves output from verification
    • Supports analysis of (bounded-size) lists and nested objects
    • Pins z3 to a specific version (4.8.3)
    • Uses timeout of 1 second for all z3 queries
  • Swagger for API
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@slpopejoy slpopejoy released this Jun 8, 2019 · 913 commits to master since this release


  • Korean readthedocs
  • Interfaces copy models onto implementing modules
  • Better/tighter compile phase, remove TBless, TImplements
  • Fix bug preventing correct reporting of argument values in falsifying models
    from the property checker
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@slpopejoy slpopejoy released this Jun 8, 2019 · 967 commits to master since this release


  • Pact Interfaces
  • Localized docs in JP and EN
  • Add configurable gas limit for pact -s
  • Remove file server from pact -s
  • Fix empty list runtime type enforcement bug
  • Enforce top-level only for builtins pact-version, enforce-pact-version, etc
  • Various changes to support web repl
  • use cryptonite for Blake2 implementation
  • new str-to-int builtin
  • Numerous fixes to pact reference docs
  • New compiler using megaparsec
  • analysis supports str-to-int and read-integer built-ins
  • new row-exists, read, column-of, column-written properties
  • @model now always takes a list when applied on modules, functions, or schemas.
  • properties can now be applied to an entire module
  • Fix bug in analysis impl of decimal arithmetic
  • Model falsifications are now presented as execution traces with example values
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