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HTTP Transport Layer for Lokka
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Isomorphic HTTP Transport Layer for Lokka

This is a graphql-express compatible transport layer for Lokka.

Basic Usage

Install the package:

npm i --save lokka-transport-http
npm i --save lokka

This is how to send request to Facebook's SWAPI GraphQL Demo.

import HttpTransport from 'lokka-transport-http';
const transport = new HttpTransport('');
      allFilms {
        films {
`).then(response => {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 2));

Send Custom Headers

It's possible to send custom headers like this:

const headers = {
    'my-headers': 'some-value'
const transport = new HttpTransport('/graphql', {headers});


This package does not handle authentication information for you. But it'll let you interact with your app's existing authentication mechanism.

Error Handling

By default it will create and throw a new Error object using the first GraphQL error. Error handling can be customized with the handleErrors option. Check the deafult error handler in lib/index.js for an example.

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