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Road Map

This is the Mantra Roadmap and a rough timeline on when we can have these. These are just planned items(not started yet) and we are really looking your help to make them a success.

If you want to start working on these or looking for more information, just open a new issue.

  • Mantra version 0.2.0 (Released)

    • Add support for Modules based file system
    • Add support for Module distribution via NPM
    • Loosen up a bit on the library usage on UI components
    • Shape up the spec a bit
    • Getting Ready for SSR
  • Mantra Tutor (Released)

  • Mantra Yeoman Generator (Feb 3rd week)

  • Real world open source app on Mantra (Early March)

    • We are starting to build the app powered under BulletProof Meteor with Mantra. We'll make it opensource as a reference app.
  • Mantra Linter (Late March)

    • To lint mantra specific stuff and make sure you are following Mantra rules.
  • Examples on using Mantra with different state management tools like:

    • Redux
    • Relay
    • Lokka/GraphQL
    • Rx.js Observables based data sources
  • Mantra Designer