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Node Base

This is the typical base NodeJS server side starting project we can use. You can write code using ES2015 and this has asyncFunctions support as well.


You can start writing code inside the server directory.


There are few ways you can run your app:

  • npm run dev - watches file changes and restart
  • npm run prod - run the app in the production
  • npm run localprod - run the app locally with production configurations

You may need to change some shell scripts in scripts directory according to your project.


You can write tests anywhere in the server directory. But you need to put them inside a directory called __tests__. Then you can num these tests as:

  • npm run testonly
  • npm run test will also check for lint errors as well


We use eslint for liniting. Coding styles follows some of the rules mentioned in facebook's graphql repo.

  • npm run eslint to lint the code
  • npm run eslintfix to lint and fix some issues which can be fixed automatically.