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This is Blog website for personal usage. The Upsert page is under /articles/upsert.

When adding or updating a post, you can add any number of Tags. A minimum of 1 is required. To do this, you can simply click the Tag label on the upsert page, and a new input field will appear.

Running locally


  • Supabase
  • .Net 8

You will also need to set several configuration options, either in the appsettings.json or dotnet user-secrets your environment variables. They are:

  • ConnectionString: The postgres connection string
  • Supabase:BaseUrl: The base URL of your supabase projects
  • Supabase:SecretApiKey: The Secret key to access your supabase project that bypasses all client protections

Ideally, you should be able to simply run: dotnet tool restore, dotnet build, and dotnet run.


Project uses grate for DB migrations. Run the script to generate a new migration.

Project also uses SqlHydra as its ORM. Run dotnet sqlhydra npgsql --connection-string $HASHSET_CONNECTION_STRING to generate the F# files that map to your DB schema