Anki plugin that reorders language cards based on the words you know
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MorphMan is an Anki plugin that reorders language cards based on the words you known. This greatly optimizes your learning queue as you only get sentences with exactly one unknown word (see I+1 principle for a more detailed explanation).


To install MorphMan download the latest .zip archive from the here and extract all files to your Documents/Anki/addons. Your folder structure should look like this:

  • Documents/Anki/addons/
  • Documents/Anki/addons/morph/*allFilesAndDirectories*

After restarting Anki you should see an entry called morphman under Tools -> Add-ons. You can find information and troubleshooting tips here.

This plugin works for following languages:

  • languages with spaces: English, Russian, Spanish, etc.
  • Japanese: you additionally have to to install the Japanese Support Anki plugin
  • more languages can be added on request if morpheme-splitting-tools are available for it

MorphMan Wiki

See the MorphMan wiki for more information.