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SubtitleMemorize is a tool that generates a list of images, audio files, lines and translations of these lines by using video and subtitle files. This is especially useful for language learning, as the resulting files can be imported into spaced repetition software like Anki. To make it even more effective, all generated cards can be used directly in the Anki plugin MorphMan, which sorts the massive amounts of cards based on the cards difficulty and the words you know.

The software is optimized to generate cards from full series fast and painlessly, and thus provides several helpful features:

  • batch processing
  • automatic subtitle correction
  • line merging
  • a filter function
  • search & replace
  • ...

Development Status: With the release of aligner, which provides a much better algorithm for fixing subtitles, the main reason for developing SubtitleMemorize is gone. The project has lost its momentum for me and it is now in "maintenance only" mode, meaning I will only fix trivial bugs. I will also continue to accept (clean) pull requests. substudy, subs2srs and movies2anki cover a wide range of SubtitleMemorize's features, so be sure to check these out if the current features of SubtitleMemorize are not sufficient for your needs.

If there is anyone who wants to take (co-)maintenance of this project, feel free to ask.



See the official SubtitleMemorize wiki for information on installation, usage and more!


This software has been successfully used to create multiple high-quality Anki decks. Because it is still in beta, some rough edges and unfinished features are nonetheless remaining. Any help, especially on documentation, would be greatly appreciated!


A tool to generate cards for spaced repetition software from movies and series




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