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The Sass reference is the most complete documentation for Sass. It contains information on every language feature, all the options, and how to install it as a Rails plugin.
-You can currently read it at <> (will soon change).
+You can currently read it at <>.
This reference is readable on desktop, mobile and tablets.
-# Todo
+## Todo
- Move the reference to an other domain
-- Include [indented syntax]( examples
+- Include [indented syntax]( examples (maybe one day)
- Style all pages, especially the [Sass Functions]( "Module: Sass::Script::Functions")
- Build script to auto-update the reference with fresh content every time the Sass gem is updated
- Rewrite some parts of the reference that may seem too technical for some developers
- Properties and functions search engine
-- Analytics
-# Authors
+## Authors
- [Hampton Catlin](
- [Nathan Weizenbaum](
- [Chris Eppstein](
-# Design
+## Design” of Better Sass Docs
- [Kaelig](
-# Thanks
+## Thanks
-- [Paul Irish](
+- [Paul Irish](
+## Compiling the project
+Install Sass, then open the terminal and run:
+`sass --watch s.scss:s.css --compass`

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