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A safe get-function that works in Sass 3.3.x and up
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Safe get-function() for Sass Build Status Greenkeeper badge

safe-get-function is a utility that allows you to write code using get-function today. It is particularly useful to authors of libraries, frameworks and other utilities who want to make their code compatible with past, present and future versions of Sass.

call($name) is deprecated in favor of call(get-function($name)) with the introduction of first-class functions in Sass 3.5.0.

The official recommendation is to update your code to get ready for Sass 4.0.0 and use get-function as soon as Sass 3.5.0 is released. Not only you'd have to wait for Sass 3.5.0 to get released, but you'd also be writing code that doesn't work in older versions of Sass. safe-get-function was created to allow authors to write code compatible with older and future versions at the same time.


h1 {
  content: call(safe-get-function($name), $arguments...);

Get Started

1. Get the code

You have a few options:

  • A good ol’ copy-paste of index.scss to your codebase
  • or using npm npm install sass-safe-get-function --save
  • or even bower bower install kaelig/sass-safe-get-function --save

2. Import the partial

@import 'path/to/sass-safe-get-function/index.scss';

3. Profit

Instead of get-function, use safe-get-function:

Before safe-get-function

@function foo($x) { @return $x; }

h1 {
  @if (function-exists('get-function')) {
    content: call(get-function('foo'), 'Only displays in Sass 3.5.0 and up');
  } @else {
    content: call('foo', 'Only displays in Sass 3.3.x and 3.4.x');

With safe-get-function

@import 'path/to/sass-get-function/index.scss';
@function foo($x) { @return $x; }

h1 {
  content: call(safe-get-function('foo'), 'Displays in Sass 3.3.x and up!');

Running tests

Clone the repository, then:

gem install bundler
npm install
npm test



Thank you to @chriseppstein for inspiring this library.

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