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Typo is a scalable template engine for command-line(cli) output which supports full 8-bit ansi colors(256 colors), text style, and ascii image generator.
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Make typography beautiful in command-line.

Typo is a scalable node.js template engine designed for and focused on command-line (cli), which helps to format and beautify your console output.

Typo supports not only basic ANSI escope codes, such as basic background and foreground colors, underline, bold, etc, and ALSO full 8-bit colors (256 colors).



npm install typo --save

Getting started

Typo is a Readable stream, which means you can .pipe() and .on('data', c) with it.

// create a typo instance
var typo = require('typo')();

// remember to pipe
typo.pipe(process.stdout); // or, `var typo = require('typo')({output: process.stdout})`

typo.log("There's once in a {{blue blue}} moon~");

Typo Plugins

  • typo-rgb: support full 8-bit RGB colors !
  • typo-image: display pictures in CLI !
  • typo-ascii: ascii art text in CLI with all kinds of styles ! (on developing)



( '{{<helper[:<data>][|helper[:<data>]]> <text>}}', <object> );

Simple substitution

typo.log('{{1}}{{b}}{{c.a}}{{c.b}}', {'1': 1, b:2, c: {a: 3}}); 
// print '123c.b'.
// in which, `'c.b'` is not matched in `values` and not substituted.

With helper functions

typo.log('{{bold abc}}');         // print a bold 'abc'
typo.log('{{red abc}}');           // print a red 'abc'

With piped helpers

typo.log('{{bold|blue|underline abc}}'); // print a blue bold 'abc' with a underline

Custom helpers

typo.register('sum', function(value){{
    return value.split(',').reduce(function(prev, current){
        return (parseInt(current) || 0) + prev;
    }, 0);

typo.log('{{sum 1,2,3}}');         // print 6

Working with plugins

You need to install plugins first.

npm install typo-image
var image = require('typo-image');

typo.log('{{~image ./logo.png}}');  // will print the png image to the CLI !

Nested helpers


Which will not show up before typo@1.0.0.

if you like typo, there will be a billion thanks if you fork typo and make pull requests.

Available helpers

The helpers below are built-in helpers of typo, and you could define your own helpers by typo.register method.

You can also use typo.plugin method to register helpers of typo plugins.

Basic colors

Eight basic ANSI colors:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
black red green yellow blue magenta cyan white
typo.log('{{magenta purple text}}');

Other text styles

  • italic # not widely supported. Sometimes treated as inverse.
  • bold
  • underline
  • inverse
  • strikethrough

Plugin: {{rgb:<rgb> <text>}}

You need to install plugin 'typo-rgb' to use this helper.

npm install typo-rgb --save

Highlight your text text with any RGB colors filled in foreground.

Notice that if your RGB color is not a standard 8-bit RGB color, typo will automatically choose the closest one in the color palette, which will be really helpful.

typo.log('{{bg.rgb:#f26d7d|rgb:#000|bold peach bg and black bold font}}');

There's a background version of RGB: {{bg.rgb:<rgb> <text>}}.

Typo factory and typo constructor

How to create a typo instance.

var Typo = require('typo');
var typo = Typo(options);


// this is the typo constructor from which your module could be inherited.
var Typo = require('typo').Typo; 
var typo = new Typo(options);
options.colors Boolean

Optional, default to true

If false, typo will clean all styles (colors, bold, etc) and output the pure text, which is really helpfull if you use typo in CI.

options.output Stream.Writeable

Optional, no default value

The writeable stream to write into. If set, typo will .pipe() output to that stream.

However, you could also use .pipe() method to do this.

options.EOS String

Optional, default to '\n'

The End-of-Sentence. By default, it's a carriage return.

Instance Methods

These methods below is the methods of the typo instance.

typo.log(pattern [,values [,callback]])

Print a formated output to the command-line. Has no return value.

pattern string

Template pattern

values Object|Array


If no values passed or not matched, the relevant pattern will not be substituted.

callback function(err, output)


Typo also support asynchronous help functions. See "register asynchronous helpers" section.

typo.template(pattern [,values [,callback]])


The parsed or substituted ouput, if all helpers are synchronous.

Or output will be passed to callback.

typo.register(name, helper)


Register helpers for the current instance



helper (sync)


Will be treated as a sync helper, if has only one [term parameter]( (also called formal parameter);

Besides, the data (in "syntax" section) could be fetched using inside helper.

helper (async)

function(str, callback)

If helper has more than one term parameters, it will be treated as an async helper.

And the second parameter will be the callback which should be implemented inside the helper function.




Register a plugin

plugin Object

The typo plugin.

Register global helpers and plugins

var Typo = require('typo');

Typo.register(helpers); // the same parameters as `typo.register`
Typo.plugin(plugin);     // the same parameters as `typo.plugin`
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