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A simple then powerful replication library using binary encoding over WebSockets. Released under the MIT License.

npm install wasabi

The main advantages of using Wasabi are:

  • All data is tightly packed as binary rather than JSON, with user-specified precision.
  • You only need to write a single short function per class to start replicating
  • Replicated object lifetimes can be managed based on a "scope" callback which may be set for each client (or not at all)
  • Remote RPC invocation works exactly like local function calls
  • Prototypal inheritance is fully supported out-of-the-box
  • You can get started without much boilerplate, then define additional functions to increase performance when you become production-ready
  • Reliable construction: A well-rounded test suite with 100% branch coverage


For further reading, make sure to look at the Guide or the API Docs on GitHub, or build your own locally with jake doc.


If you have bug reports, feature requests, questions, or pull requests, drop by the github repo. If you have lavish praise or eloquent maledictions, email me at