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Current build status:

Built by Kaelyn Sackett

The Project

RoomEase is a web application designed to make living with roommates easier by:
  • Keeping track of your house's bills, and allowing you to see which bills you have and have not paid your share of.
  • Allowing you to send messages to your roommates via the house message board.
  • Providing a calendar where you can view all of the open bills for your house.
  • Automatically sending text reminders to roommates that have unpaid bills with approaching due dates.

Technologies Used

RoomEase is written in Python 2.7, JavaScript, SQLite3, and HTML5/CSS3 with the uses of Flask, Bootstrap.js, Moment.js, Verify.js, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, Jinja2, and SQLAlchemy. Twilio API used for automated test message reminders, FullCalendar API used for calendar view.


  1. Clone the repository:
$ git clone
  1. Create and activate a virtual environment in the same directory:
$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate 
  1. Install the required packages using pip:
(env)$ pip install -r requirements.txt
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