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Release Notes for 1.1.10-pre
Release 1.1.10-pre of Kaffe is a "development" release.
It has been tested, but not as thoroughly as a
production release would be. It contains major
improvements over 1.1.9, which was released X
months ago. I anticipate that most people will have
less trouble with this release, and more fun.
Please check the WHATSNEW file to see what has
been added in this release.
Bug reports, comments and patches are always
welcome -- send them to the team at
How to help
We would appreciate your help in making Kaffe better,
faster, and nicer. As a collaborative Free Software
project, Kaffe only gets to be as good as its users
and developers make it. If you want to track Kaffe
development, and become a part of the Kaffe community
please join the Kaffe mailing list. Instructions for
joining the list are available at
If you find bugs, you should report them to the Kaffe
bug tracker. The bug tracker is located at
A lot of informal communication between developers
and users happens on IRC, on the #kaffe channel on It's a friendly channel where
someone may help you debug or port Kaffe, if you need
hands on help.
If you have studied proprietary JVM or class library
source code, or signed NDAs that would prevent you from
contributing to Kaffe, we can not take source code
contributions from you. Otherwise, you're most welcome
to send in patches to the Kaffe mailing list at If you have doubts, please ask.
An easy project to get yourself familiar with the source
code base are cleaning up the compiler warnings on
your platform. Every patch is welcome, and appreciated,
no matter how small.
If Kaffe doesn't pass all regression tests executed by
'make check' on your platform of choice under your desired
configuration, patches to fix the regression failures would
also be very appreciated.
We won't ask you for copyright assignment. If you contribute
patches to code coming from other projects, then you should
also send your patches 'upstream' to those projects,
beside contributing it to Kaffe, so that all users of
those upstream projects can benefit from your work.
A particularly important upstream project for Kaffe is
GNU Classpath, which provides the core class libraries.
Even if Kaffe doesn't meat your needs, you are likely
to find another Free Software runtime among the GNU
Classpath family that suits your needs better. A list
of such runtimes is available at
If you are not interested in hacking Kaffe, but want to
hack on GNU Classpath instead, Kaffe provides a quick,
efficient way to get yourself up and running with the
latest GNU Classpath code and have a working development
environment 'out of the box', by letting you use a
locally installed version of GNU Classpath.
Future Plans
Check out the TODO file for a list of things that are
If you are looking for an interesting contribution to
make to the core VM, you may want to help with merging
in the new JIT engine, the merge of the gcj verifier
engine, the efforts to make Kaffe use shared libraries
complied by gcj, or the vmgen-generated interpreter from
We'd also appreciate help with merging in the various other
interesting developments from Kaffe forks like
JanosVM (Isolation), Latte (Hotspot-like engine),
BeKaffe (BeOS port), KaffeCE (WindowsCE port) and others.
Platform Matrix
The following platforms have been tested for this release:
(Please check FAQ/FAQ.platform-status for a more extensive result series)
arch | os | engine | threads | gc | passed
armel | linux-oabi | intrp | pthread | kaffe | 149/149
armel | linux-oabi | jit3 | pthread | kaffe | 123/149
armel | linux-eabi | intrp | pthread | kaffe | 149/149
i386 | linux | intrp | pthread | kaffe | 149/149
i386 | linux | jit | pthread | kaffe | 148/149
i386 | linux | jit3 | pthread | kaffe | 149/149
i386 | darwin | intrp | pthread | kaffe | 120/149
i386 | darwin | jit | pthread | kaffe | 120/149
Platform Specific Notes
* PowerPC
An PowerPC jitter has been contributed by Tim Stack.
It still needs some effort to make sure it passes
the regression tests. Volunteers would be very welcome.
If you don't want to hack on the PowerPC jit, and just
want to use the interpreter, please make sure that you
pass the option --with-engine=intrp to Kaffe's
configure script.
Kiyo Inaba has made jit3 work on ARM.
On armel linux, the interpreter works without regressions
with both oabi and eabi. The jit engine needs more work,
The jit3 implementation needs some more work. Casey
Marshall and Kevin Kissel have looked into it. A MIPS
hacker who would enjoy bringing the jit up to speed
would be very appreciated.
If you are just interested in running applications on
a MIPS(EL) board on Kaffe instead of hacking on the jit
please pass the option --with-engine=intrp to Kaffe's
configure script.
* Blackfin
The port has been started. Currently HelloWorld works
on the interpreter, and some other regresson tests run.
Work remains to be done both on the jitter and the
interpreter. See FAQ/FAQ.blackfin for details.
* Cygwin
The interpreter and the jitter work with jthreads.
When building Kaffe on Cygwin, one needs to take some
care with configure options to get a working build.
Please see FAQ/FAQ.win32 for details.
Have fun!
- Dalibor Topic
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