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What's New Since Kaffe 1.1.9
* Removed kaffe-specific AWT implementations.
What's New In Kaffe 1.1.9
* Depend on glib for atomic operations
* Support for JSR 166.
* Depend on zziplib instead of zlib for JAR reading.
* Many build system improvements.
* Simplified threading subsystem interface.
* Removed support for native big math.
* Removed libltdl. Kaffe uses an existing installation
exclusively now.
* Removed gnu-inet, dnsjava, Tritonus and binreloc.
* Removed GNU Classpath tools. Kaffe uses an installed javap
as javap when it's available.
* Removed gjdoc and ANTLR. Kaffe uses an installed gjdoc as
javadoc when it's available.
* Removed GNU Classpath. Kaffe uses an existing GNU Classpath
installation exclusively now. It needs GNU Classpath 0.95 or
What's New In Kaffe 1.1.8
* Support for using an existing GNU Classpath installation.
* Updated internal Classpath to version 0.93.
* Fixes for gcc 4.1.x.
* Added --disable-zlib-zip option to use GNU Classpath's implementation.
* Removed comm, servlet, microsoft and pjava extensions.
* Removed fastjar, zlib and boehm gc copies.
* Xynth Windowing System based AWT backend.
* Ported to i386-GNU/kFreeBSD, i386-Interix, x86_64-openbsd.
What's New In Kaffe 1.1.7
* Many cleanups, warning fixes and bug fixes.
* Removed support for class library profiles, since
--with-glibj-zip offers a more convenient replacement.
* Updated to boehm-gc 6.6
* Updated to gjdoc 0.7.7
* Merged in fastjar.
* Merged in zlib. There is a new configure option,
--with-system-zlib to allow the use of the system zlib,
instead of the merged in one.
* Merged in GNU Classpath completely. Updated to version 0.90,
with additional fixes.
* Merged in port to DROPS.
* Merged in port to Blackfin CPU.
* Support for DragonFly BSD.
* Ported to ia64-freebsd and alpha-freebsd.
* Ported to powerpc-openbsd.
* Improved support for Cygwin and sparc64-openbsd.
* Improved stack handling for pthreads on openbsd.
* Added simple direct threading interpreter implementation.
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.6
* Many cleanups, warning fixes and bug fixes.
* Moved tools.jar to the location where Maven 1 expects it,
so that Maven 1 builds now work.
* Added an otions to turn off boehm-gc configuration for
operating environments boehm gc has not been ported to.
* Updated to GNU Classpath 0.18
* Fixed native library loading for Cygwin.
Kaffe now builds and runs on Win32 again.
* Merged java.lang.Class from GNU Classpath.
* Kaffe's home-grown system class loader was replaced by
GNU classpath's system class loader. This improves support
for the Java Extension Mechanism and the Java security
* Force double precision on x86 FPU for Linux OS.
* Fixes for regression tests on sparc.
* JIT3/PowerPC operational on Darwin/OSX (real applications
do not work yet though).
* JVMPI cleaned up. Kaffe now works with JMP
* Xlib-AWT fixed on Darwin.
* Runtime/VMProcess merged from GNU Classpath.
* Merged in antlr 2.7.5 for gjdoc.
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.5
* Resynced with latest GNU Classpath.
* Added GNU EmbbededWindow extension from GNU Classpath.
* gcjwebplugin is known to work with the extension.
* Improved AWT implementations.
* GNU Classpath's implementation of AWT/Swing has
been merged.
* New Nano-X AWT backend.
* Xlib AWT backend supports xi18n wide-character
* Dynamic switch among existing AWT implementations
via command line options.
* Better stack pointer / stack size handling.
* JNI direct invocation fixes.
* Verifier moved to its own directory.
* JNI upgrades to 1.2
* New experimental Boehm-Weiser garbage collector.
* Merged in JIT3 for powerpc from JanosVM.
* Implemented weak references in the VM.
* KJC temporarily replaced by jikes.
* DNSJava, Jessie, JZLib and gjdoc merged in.
* Added some internationalization support to kaffe's
executable (fr, zh_TW).
* Many compiler warning fixes.
* Tested in Ch environment.
* Fixes for NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Darwin.
* New ports to FreeBSD on x86-64, Darwin on x86 and
HP-UX on ia64.
* Some successes: Resin2, JSDL, SwingWT, gcjwebplugin,
ME4SE, MicroEmulator, VNCj, LwVCL, DirectFB kawt,
Eclipse 3.0.1, 3.1M6.
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.3
* More merges from GNU Classpath:
* java.beans
* java.util.Date
* java.util.jar
* javax.swing.EventListenerList
* More JVMPI support implemented.
* More NIO support implemented.
* bugfix (with security
* JIT fixes for x86, ARM and Sparc.
* Interpreter fixes (underflow problem)
* Fixes for Solaris, Darwin, FreeBSD.
* Build fixes for powerpc64.
* IPv6 fixes.
* KJC fixes:
* inner class access
* switch labels
* constant initializers
* concatenating a null to a string
* Fixes for SHIFT_JIS (Japanese) encoding.
* Fix for Jetty 4.2.14.
* AppletViewer fix for <applet> tag.
* Lots of minor bug fixes.
* Cleaned up GC code.
* Compiler warning fixes.
* Resynced with existing Classpath, GNU JAXP, Jessie.
* Some successes: JBoss, Eclipse 3.0M4, gjdoc/libxmlj.
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.2
* New packages:
* Lots of configuration/compile fixes, including: arm-linux,
parisc-hpux, parisc-linux, sparc-solaris.
* Improved RMI, JVMPI, java.text and NIO support.
* Improved garbage collector and jit3 memory consumption.
* Further merge with GNU Classpath: Collections, many networking,
IO and zip classes.
* Fixes for several bugs in kjc.
* Improved support for building without GNU make.
* Lots of bug fixes, compiler warning fixes, and small
* Some successes: Tomcat4, eXist, JavaLayer, JOrbis.
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.1
* Much of the new bytecode verifier has been added (but not all of
it). Soon, we will be able to safely run untrusted code!
* Lots of configuration/compile fixes, including: NetBSD, OpenBSD,
Linux 2.0, Linux/S390, AmigaOS, OpenBSD/Sparc, Cygwin
* Lots of class library fixes
* Added JNI 1.2/1.4 features
* The beginnings of JVMPI support
* Some infrastructure for NIO support
* Some successes: Eclipse (loads, doesn't completely work yet),
Jetty w/JSP, Java-Gnome, Qt AWT under QTopia, Snark, hsqldb
What's New in Kaffe 1.1.0
* Port to x86-64 GNU/Linux
* Port to RISC OS
* Port to Playstation 2 GNU/Linux
* Port to SuperH GNU/Linux
* Qt based AWT backend
* Support for javax.sound from
* Support for JAXP from GNU JAXP
* Support for java.util.regex from GNU regexp
* New java.lang.reflect.Proxy from GNU Classpath.
* Built-in XML parser (Aelfred2).
* New packages:
* java.awt.color
* java.awt.dnd
* java.awt.font
* java.awt.geom
* java.awt.image.renderable
* java.awt.print
* java.beans.beancontext
* java.nio
* java.nio.channels
* java.nio.channels.spi
* java.nio.charset
* java.nio.charset.spi
* java.util.logging
* java.util.prefs
* java.util.regex
* javax.accessibility
* javax.naming
* javax.naming.event
* javax.naming.ldap
* javax.naming.spi
* javax.rmi
* javax.rmi.CORBA
* javax.sound.midi
* javax.sound.midi.spi
* javax.sound.sampled
* javax.sound.sampled.spi
* javax.sql
* javax.swing.text
* javax.transaction
* javax.transaction.xa
* javax.xml.parsers
* javax.xml.transform
* javax.xml.transform.dom
* javax.xml.transform.sax
* org.w3c.dom
* org.w3c.dom.css
* org.w3c.dom.html
* org.w3c.dom.ranges
* org.w3c.dom.stylesheets
* org.w3c.dom.traversal
* org.w3c.dom.views
* org.xml.sax
* org.xml.sax.ext
* org.xml.sax.helpers
* New build system.
* Support for user defined class library profiles
* New version of KJC (2.1B).
* Many improvements to serialization, localization,
and reflection.
* Implemented native2ascii, javah.
* Lots of bug fixes.
What's New in Kaffe 1.0.7
This release is dedicated to the memory of Edouard G. Parmelan, one of
the most active Kaffe developers, a member of the core team, and one of
the driving forces behind the project.
* Port to ia64 GNU/Linux
* Port to s390 GNU/Linux
* Port to PA-RISC GNU/Linux
* Port to Darwin (Mac OS X).
* JIT port for Alpha on Compaq Tru64, GNU/Linux.
* Support of PowerPC without libffi.
* New version of KJC (2.1A with patches from kopi CVS).
* New encoding converters based on iconv().
* Lots of bug fixes.
What's New in Kaffe 1.0.6
* New cross language debugging support for JIT3 engine.
* New cross language profiling support for JIT3 engine.
* Support of libffi.
* Port to i386 GNU Hurd.
* Port i386 hardware profiler from JIT engine to JIT3 engine.
* Alpha GCJ Integration.
* New version of KJC (1.4F).
* Lots of bug fixes.
What's New in Kaffe 1.0.5
* JIT port for StrongARM
* JIT port for MIPS
* New JIT3 - increases performance of JIT code by a factor of 3 over the
old JIT system.
- Supports: x86, MIPS, StrongARM, M68K
- Coming soon: Sparc, Alpha
* RMI implementation (released under the Lesser GPL in conjuntion with
the Classpath project)
- Provide JDK 1.1 and JDK 1.2 compatible RMI
- Unimplemented: Distributed GC, Activations.
* Now ships with KJC Java compiler, a truly Open Source Java compiler.
* SuperFast locking implementation.
* Pthreads implementation (currently for GLIBC 2.1.2 LinuxThreads only)
* Resurrected M68K JIT.
* New JDK 1.2 style class loading.
* New JDK 1.2 java.util Collections classes
* New JDK 1.2 classes
* Improved i18n support.
* New utilities: serialver, rmiregistry, rmic, javap
* Lots of bug fixes.
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