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* lookup.h
* Various lookup calls for resolving objects, methods, exceptions, etc.
* Copyright (c) 1996, 1997
* Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
* of this file.
#ifndef __lookup_h
#define __lookup_h
struct _dispatchTable;
typedef struct _callInfo {
Hjava_lang_Class* class;
Method* method;
short in;
short out;
Utf8Const* cname;
Utf8Const* name;
Utf8Const* signature;
char rettype;
} callInfo;
typedef struct _exceptionInfo {
uintp handler;
Hjava_lang_Class* class;
Method* method;
} exceptionInfo;
typedef struct _fieldInfo {
Field* field;
Hjava_lang_Class* class;
Utf8Const* cname;
Utf8Const* name;
Utf8Const* signature;
} fieldInfo;
bool getMethodSignatureClass(constIndex, Hjava_lang_Class*, bool, int, callInfo*, errorInfo*);
bool getField(constIndex, Hjava_lang_Class*, bool, fieldInfo*, errorInfo*);
Hjava_lang_Class* getClass(constIndex, Hjava_lang_Class*, errorInfo*);
Method* findMethod(Hjava_lang_Class*, Utf8Const*, Utf8Const*, errorInfo*);
Method* findMethodLocal(Hjava_lang_Class*, Utf8Const*, Utf8Const*);
Method* KaffeVM_findDeclaredMethod(Hjava_lang_Class*, Utf8Const*, Utf8Const*, errorInfo*);
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