Extracts FIT files from Garmin Forerunner 610 watches
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Important Notes

This program is in a very early state and should probably not be used by
anyone except people who want to help with development. The FIT files it
produces are sometimes padded with NULL making them hard to use with other
program. There is also close to no error checking. I'm only making this
available early due to interest.


- PyUSB 1.0 (seems to be a bug which makes it segfaults on version before
  Alpha 2). It is recommended to use pip to install PyUSB:
  pip install pyusb

- Install udev rules (recommended). This is only needed if you want to avoid
  running the program as root. Install with:

  sudo cp resources/ant-usbstick2.rules /etc/udev/rules.d

Supported devices

 - Forerunner 610
 - Forerunner 910XT


Usage: python garmin.py

This program extracts all activity FIT files from a Garmin Forerunner 610
watch and writes them to a folder (see file locations below). The first time
it runs it attempts to sync with the watch. This produces an authfile which
is written to the same folder. On startup this program will try to read that
file to avoid having to re-sync.

File locations

Simple answer (probably correct for most people):

 - Your files are placed in ~/.config/garmin-extractor/

Correct answer:

 - FIT files and authfiles are stored in an the location specified by the XDG
   Base Directory specification. It uses the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME with
   $HOME/.config as backup. In this directory a garmin-extractor folder is
   created in which a folder for each device is created. Both the .FIT files
   and authfile are stored in this device-specific folder.