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Experimental tiny DSL for visual novel developing. Under construction.
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Kagami Project


It's a project of experimental script language and implementation.It aims to become a cross-platform visual novel AVG Engine.The interpreter is built with C++17 and SDL2.0.

Build Binary


SDL2/SDL2_image/SDL2_mixer/SDL2_ttf are required.

If you want a interpreter without multimedia support, just edit DISABLE_SDL option and relax.

Windows Platform

Compile them in Visual Studio 2017 or later version.(MSVC 14+). Just add all source files into a new solution, and configure SDL2 include and library directory in project settings. You can also build them with cl.exe manually.

Notice: Mingw/Cygwin is NOT OFFICIAL SUPPORTED for now. You can post issues for these resolution but I may not fix them until I start working on them.

Linux/BSD Platform

gcc 8.0+ or clang 8.0+ are recommended, and you also need cmake/make to finish configurations. MacOS is NOT OFFICIAL SUPPORTED for now.

# Archlinux/Manjaro Linux
sudo pacman -Syyu sdl2 sdl2_image sdl2_mixer sdl2_ttf

# clone & build
git clone --depth=1
cd kagami
git submodule init && git submodule update
cmake .

Help me?

You can post issues or create pull request.



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