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Boilerplate CodeMirror editor with Tern.js autocomplete

This is a simple boilerplate to get up and running quickly with CodeMirror, Tern, and Webpack.

Get started

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run $ npm install
  3. Start the dev server with $ webpack-dev-server
  4. Navigate to localhost:8080 in your browser
  5. Copy and paste code from this Tern.js demo into the editor at localhost:8080:
  6. Try out some of the Tern.js functions listed underneath the editor

CodeMirror editor component

The editor.js file is an Editor component that creates an instance of CodeMirror. This file is where CodeMirror modes are set and addons are imported, like:

  • codemirror/mode/javascript/javascript
  • codemirror/addon/selection/active-line
  • codemirror/addon/comment/comment
  • codemirror/addon/hint/show-hint

You can find more documentation on these addons at CodeMirror.

Tern plugins and defs

This boilerplate loads a few Tern plugins and a single Tern defs file via installTern.js:

  • tern/plugin/doc_comment
  • tern/plugin/complete_strings
  • tern/defs/ecmascript.json

The ecmascript.json file, which supplies code hints, autocomplete, etc. for ES6, is called/loaded with this line:

const tern = new CodeMirror.TernServer({ defs: [ecma] });

You can import additional defs files and load them into the defs array, like this:

import browser from 'tern/defs/browser.json';
import underscore from 'tern/defs/underscore.json';

const tern = new CodeMirror.TernServer({ defs: [ecma, browser, underscore] });

You can find more documentation on defs and plugins at Tern.js.