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Plone cartridge for OpenShift
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Plone cartridge for OpenShift

This package provides a Plone 4.2 cartridge for OpenShift.


  • Single instance zope server
  • Includes Plone 4.2 with by default
  • Shared download-cache directory in /var/cache/plone-4.2/
  • stores data in OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR
  • stores log in OPENSHIFT_LOG_DIR


This cartridge was tested on a vm created using OpenShift LiveCD with stickshift-broker-0.6.5. Following this guide:

You will need tito to build this RPM:

yum install tito

Checkout and build:

git clone
cd cartridge-plone
tito build --rpm --test

Copy the generated RPM to your OpenShift server and install it

Edit /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/stickshift-controller-0.10.2/lib/stickshift-controller/app/models/cartridge_cache.rb and add 'plone-4.2' in FRAMEWORK_CART_NAMES

Clear the broker cache:

rm -rf /var/www/stickshift/broker/tmp/cache/*

Restart the broker:

service stickshift-broker restart

If everything is setup property, you should have 'plone-4.2' in the cartridge list

Creating an app

Create a app using this command:

rhc app create -a myplonesite -t plone-4.2

To first-run buildout, edit something in your git checkout of myplonesite, commit and push

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