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# FROM (1) : base docker image
# RUM <cmd> (0.n) : Command. You can use both simple command style and
# the exec form style ["xx","-y","-z"].
# ADD <src> <dest> (0.n) : Copy files from host to gest
# EXPOSE <port> (0.n) : Expose port infos for container users. It's not port
# forward setting.
# CMD <cmd> (1) : Service command.(["/usr/sbin/apachectl","-DFOREGROUND"])
# You should use the exec form style ["xx","-y","-z"].
# ENTRYPOINT <cmd> (0.1) : Prefix of service command. ("/usr/sbin/apachectl")
# $ docker run -p 8080:80 -d cent6_apache -DFOREGROUND
# => call "/usr/sbin/apachectl -DFOREGROUND" on guest.
# ENV <key> <val> (0.n) :
# VOLUME <dir> (0.n) : shared directory
# WORKDIR <dir> (0.1) :
# ONBUILD RUN ... (0.n) : will execute during child image building (this image is
# ONBUILD ADD ... (0.n) : specified as FROM).
# Each line is commit as layer of Unit FS. Caution, max layer is 127.
# Pull base image.
FROM atsushi/ubuntu_oracle_jdk8
RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade
RUN apt-get -y install wget unzip expect
## Install Glassfish
RUN wget -P /tmp
RUN unzip /tmp/ -d /opt
WORKDIR /opt/glassfish4/bin
# Install the start/stop scripts for Glassfish
RUN ./asadmin create-service
# Change the empty admin password to "1qazse4"
RUN ./asadmin start-domain &&\
expect -c "\
set timeout 20;\
spawn ./asadmin --user admin change-admin-password;\
expect \"Enter the admin password> \" ; send \"\r\";\
expect \"Enter the new admin password> \" ; send \"1qazse4\r\";\
expect \"Enter the new admin password again> \"; send \"1qazse4\r\";\
expect eof;\
" &&\
./asadmin stop-domain
RUN echo "AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD=1qazse4" > passwordfile
RUN chmod 600 ./passwordfile
# Enable admin console via web interface form remote PCs.
RUN ./asadmin start-domain &&\
./asadmin enable-secure-admin --user admin --passwordfile=./passwordfile &&\
./asadmin stop-domain
# Postgresql JDBC Driver
RUN wget -P /tmp
RUN mv /tmp/postgresql-9.3-1102.jdbc41.jar /opt/glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib/ext
# Ambassador
RUN apt-get -y install socat daemon
# MEMO: To get the MySQL Connector/J needs an Oracle web account.
ADD glassfish.conf /etc/monit/conf.d/glassfish.conf
ADD socat_pgsql /etc/init.d/socat_pgsql
RUN chmod +x /etc/init.d/socat_pgsql
ADD socat_pgsql.conf /etc/monit/conf.d/socat_pgsql.conf
## Expose ports
# 4848 : glassfish Management Console
# 8080 : glassfish
EXPOSE 4848 8080
VOLUME ["/opt/glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/"]
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