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iOS device as game controller

Alt text
Clone this xcode project and run on your iphone / ipad, this app actually perform a web server that tells your chosen location, your location will be wherever the poke ball is, so you may drag the map of press the buttons.


This is what the app response via port 80 by http, so be sure to connect the iphone / ipad to your wifi network in order to gain access.

Get controller message

import xml.etree.cElementTree as ET
import urllib2
import json

lastLat = ""
lastLng = ""

def getPokemonLocation():
		response = urllib2.urlopen("http://your controller's ip/", timeout = 1)
		return json.load(response)
	except urllib2.URLError as e:
		print e.reason

def generateXML():
	global lastLat, lastLng
	geo = getPokemonLocation()
	if geo != None:
		if geo["lat"] != lastLat or geo["lng"] != lastLng:
			lastLat = geo["lat"]
			lastLng = geo["lng"]
			gpx = ET.Element("gpx", version="1.1", creator="Xcode")
			wpt = ET.SubElement(gpx, "wpt", lat=geo["lat"], lon=geo["lng"])
			ET.SubElement(wpt, "name").text = "PokemonLocation"
			print "Location Updated!", "latitude:", geo["lat"], "longitude:" ,geo["lng"]

def start():
	while True:


Edit ,change the urlopen address to your controller's ip and write to somewhere your gpx file you want to put. Be sure you remember where the gpx you put :)

Alt text
If running normal, at console you should see something like this when your drag the map or press the buttons on your game controller.

Simulate location to target device

Alt text
Create a blank single page app with your Xcode. Remember where you put the gpx file? Import the gpx file to your project without copying it, just referencing.

Alt text
Run this project on your iOS device that will actually run the Pokemon Go game, when running, at Xcode you will see a button to simulate location, so you see the option of your gpx file. Our next step is to constantly press this two buttons to simulate your location constantly and automatically.
By this, we can simulate a / some / lot of click(s) programmatically

gcc -o autoClicker autoClicker.m -framework ApplicationServices -framework Foundation

compile the autoClicker.m with gcc at terminal.

import os
import urllib2
import json
import time

def checkConnected():
		response = urllib2.urlopen("http://your controller's ip/", timeout = 1)
		return json.load(response)
	except urllib2.URLError as e:
		print e.reason

def clickAction():
	os.system("./autoClicker -x 750 -y 400")
	os.system("./autoClicker -x 750 -y 450")
	print "clicking!!"

def start():
	while True:
		if checkConnected() != None:


So change the x,y location of your xcode's simulate button. LOL don't ask me your x,y, find it and test it by yourself, to have it easy when adjusting your x,y, you may set the sleep time longer among loops :) more tip: the loop will stop if you close the game controller as it looks for the active state on game controller, so please change the urlopen address here too with your game controller's ip.

Overall flow

  1. you provide location data on game controller
  2. receive it and generate gpx file constantly when you move
  3. blank project referencing the gpx and simulate on your playing device
  4. auto click the xcode buttons constantly

Have Fun!

Alt text


play pokemon go safely or at unavailable area



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