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AutoAuth for UCLA

Speed up UCLA Single Sign-On.

Update (May 2022): UCLA MFA no longer sends 10 SMS passcodes at a time, so this extension doesn't work anymore. I'd recommend using a security key to speed up MFA instead.

This is a WebExtension designed for Firefox and Chrome. To install, please go to Firefox Add-ons or the Chrome Web Store.

For Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) users, you can give AutoAuth your next 10 SMS passcodes and it will automatically enter them until you need new passcodes. AutoAuth also automatically checks "Remember me for 12 hours" when it's available.


Sign in normally. On the MFA screen, if AutoAuth prompts you to enter new passcodes, then press "Text me new codes" and enter the 10 passcodes you receive. It's recommended that you use Google Voice or iMessage in order to easily copy-paste the codes, and that you continue using Duo Push when away from your primary computer.

Firefox only: AutoAuth also automatically signs in with your UCLA Logon ID and UCLA Logon Password if your browser is set to fill them in automatically.

Uses graphic(s) from Material Design.

Copyright © 2018 Kevin Hsieh. All Rights Reserved.