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Gauche-dbd-mysql: MySQL (5.0 or later) native driver and DBD interface module.


  • Gauche 0.8.6 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • MySQL client development library & header files

If you build from the source repository instead of tarball, you also need autoconf 2.59 or later.


In order to run the test, you need a test user and test database. The following mysql commands sets it up. You can drop those after the test is done:

create user 'kahua_test'@'localhost' identified by 'kahua_secret';
create database kahua_test character set 'utf8';
grant all on kahua_test.* to 'kahua_test'@'localhost';


A quick one-liner from tarball:

gauche-package install -S root Gauche-dbd-mysql-X.X.tgz

From source tree:

git clone
cd Gauche-dbd-mysql
./DIST gen
make -s check
sudo make install

API Documentation

The easier way is to use it through dbi interface. Here's an example session.

(use dbi)
(use gauche.sequence) ; get generic 'map' etc

(define conn (dbi-connect "dbi:mysql:DBNAME;host=HOST"
                          :username USERNAME :password PASSWORD))

(dbi-do conn "create table test (id integer, name varchar(255))")

(let1 q (dbi-prepare conn "insert into test (id, name) values (?, ?)")
  (dbi-execute q 10 "Alice")
  (dbi-execute q 20 "Bob"))

(map (lambda (row)
       (list (dbi-get-value row 0) (dbi-get-value row 1))) 
     (dbi-do conn "select id, name from test"))
 ; => (("10" "Alice") ("20" "Bob"))

(let1 q (dbi-prepare conn "select name from test where id = ?")
  (coerce-to <list> (dbi-execute q 20)))
 ; => (#("Bob"))

The only mysql-specific part is the call to dbi-connect; you have to give the name of the database (DBNAME) and hostname (HOST) as shown. If you need to pass username and password, give them using keyword arguments. All the rest are generic dbi operations; see dbi manual entry of Gauche document

The module also provides low-level API that corresponds to MySQL API.

Function: mysql-dbd-version    -> string

Class: <mysql-handle>

Class: <mysql-res>

Class: <mysql-row-offset>

Function: mysql-handler? obj   -> boolean

Function: mysql-res? obj -> boolean

Function: mysql-row-offset? obj -> boolean

Function: mysql-affected-rows handle -> integer

Function: mysql-autocommit handle flag -> void

Function: mysql-change-user handler user password db -> void

Function: mysql-character-set-name handle -> string

Function: mysql-close handle -> void

Function: mysql-commit handle -> void

Function: mysql-data-seek result offset -> void

Function: mysql-debug stirng -> void

Function: mysql-dump-debug-info handle -> void

Function: mysql-errno handle -> integer

Function: mysql-error handle -> string

Function: mysql-fetch-row result -> vector

Function: mysql-field-count handle -> integer

Function: mysql-field-seek result offset -> integer

Function: mysql-field-tell result -> integer

Function: mysql-free-result result -> void

Function: mysql-get-client-info -> string

Function: mysql-get-client-version -> integer

Function: mysql-get-host-info handle -> stirng

Funciton: mysql-get-proto-info handle -> integer

Function: mysql-get-server-info handle -> string

Function: mysql-get-ssl-cipher handle -> string

Function: mysql-hex-string string -> string

Function: mysql-info handle -> string or #f

Function: mysql-insert-id handle -> integer

Function: mysql-list-dbs handle wild -> result

Function: mysql-list-fiels handle table wild -> result

Function: mysql-list-processes handle -> result