A continuation-based framework to develop application service
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;;  Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Scheme Arts, L.L.C., All rights reserved.
;;  Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Time Intermedia Corporation, All rights reserved.

* About Kahua

** What is Kahua?

Kahua is CPS, Continuation Passing Style application framework written
in a Scheme implementation Gauche.

CPS has following advantages.

- Using continuations, you can describe control flows that span on multiple
  pages in one place.
- You can program declaratively using S-expressions as the fundamental
  data type.
- You can use Kahua's Object Database for the permanent data storage.
- You can modify server functions on-the-fly, without restarting it.
  It allows incremental development.

Gauche is an R5RS Scheme implementation that is designed to be a
useful tools for daily work. See http://practical-scheme.net/gauche/
in detail.

Kahua is licensed under the revised BSD license. See COPYING in detail.

"Kahua" means a platform, a location or a base, in Hawaiian.

** Fundamental data type

Kahua adopts S-expressions as the fundamental data type and they allow
Kahua users declarative programming. S-expressions are known for their
use in the Lisp and Scheme programming languages.

** Object Database

Kahua has Object Database and the contents described by Gauche can be

Additionaly, by S-expressions Kahua users can equally store static
HTML and dynamic program their.

** General-purpose application server

Kahua is not only for web application. Users can apply Kahua to rich
client application.

** Incremental development

Kahua is suitable for agile development.  Users are able to apply
dynamical and dialogical programming on Kahua.

* The Kahua Open Source Project

The Kahua open source project is currently hosted by TimeIntermedia
Corporation.  The purpose of the project is to play a leading role in
developing and promoting Kahua as a better CPS application framework.

The project's website is runnig on one of the Kahua Application,

See: http://www.kahua.org/

** Join the Projcet!

We need your help to make Kahua better.  Even if you're not a
programmer, bug reports and suggestions are also welcome.

Feel free to contact us <info@kahua.org> .